The Pavilion Company focuses on custom home builds and remodels, serving the Seattle area. We are passionate about what we do and want our clients to indulge in home.

French Doors White Sketch


A search for reclaimed French doors led to an encounter with an orchard farmer. The farmer had just purchased an entire package of doors so he could build a structure to house his young orange trees during the cold winter months. Not only did his trees benefit, but the farmer found himself with a beautiful secondary space. He added a dining area and a small library so he had several reasons to be with his trees.

When spring came, the orange trees blossomed. The scent was a reminder that it was time to replant the orange trees in the orchard so they could continue to grow. Not only had the farmer built something functional, but it was his favorite place to be. This pavilion originally built to serve a function was now re-imagined into something incredible.

This story inspired the name of the company and a lifestyle about going beyond solving problems and integrating function with meaning and beauty. Historically, pavilions have been used only for ancillary pleasure activities. At The Pavilion Company we invert that traditional idea and elevate spaces to indulge every day.


The Pavilion Company is a collection of lifestyle-driven trades focused on custom builds and home restoration, servicing the Seattle area. Our team is passionate about what we do.


owner, interior designer

Gabrielle James is the founder and owner of The Pavilion Company, which she holds as the most rewarding role of her entire career. As a NCIDQ licensed Interior Designer, she has experience in both commercial and residential architecture. Gabrielle believes that our homes need to contain both high levels of practical function and a little indulgence in order to create balanced spaces that support daily personal delights. Her strengths are normalizing awkward layouts and using timeless materials to bring cohesion and freshness to entire homes. She draws her inspiration from the local neighborhood, the client’s story, and the existing structure.

Gabrielle is driven to make design decisions that have context to both the place and the people using them. She loves provocative interiors that use contrast, richly warm color palettes, and just a touch of metallic sparkle. Her intent is to be a guide for her clients so that they can be educated and excited to show pride in themselves and their homes. 

NCIDQ ##31573 / WA Real Estate Broker, Skyline Properties

Nathaniel James


owner, general contractor

Nathaniel James is the founder and owner of The Pavilion Company. He is also a general contractor and oversees the operations of the company. In addition to a background in lending, legal services, and finance, he is a woodworker. Nathaniel is obsessed with taking ideas and turning them into something tangible. In every Pavilion project, there is a wood feature crafted by him, which adds a layer of intense attention to detail and old-world craftsmanship to clients’ homes.

Rob Christensen


construction manager

Rob Christensen is The Pavilion Company’s Construction Manager. Rob has over 15 years of managing complex new construction and remodel projects. He brings a superior level of integrity, leadership and attention to detail as he oversees the day-to-day progress of active and upcoming projects. His favorite tasks are the ones that many people would consider the most difficult parts of construction: excavation, mechanical and electrical coordination, structural elements, site safety; instead Rob says bring it on!

His outward respect for people and hard work creates job sites that are both productive and rewarding places to be for both clients and team members. Construction is an intricate process that requires Rob’s unique level of patience and diligence in order to push through complex task sequencing, budgets, and deadlines. We are also proud to say that Rob recently obtained an advanced certificate in Construction Management from Columbia University. If you happen to see him around one of our project sites, please say hi to Rob!

Alison Gilbo


interior designer

One of my favorite parts of my job is that no two days, two projects or two clients, even, are the same. I am drawn to residential interiors because I love getting to know our clients and curating the unique backdrop to their daily life. I love creating designs that are personalized for how they envision using their spaces. Our homes need to be mix of function and comfort, but, also, be intensely warm, inviting and provide a sense of sanctuary. I’m a Virgo as well, so naturally I’m very fond of finding creative solutions to help keep everyone clean and organized. My background is in high-profile hospitality design, and I enjoy bringing the art of story-telling and style to my residential projects.  I believe that small details matter and the right combination of textures, light and materials are little chances for delight as we move through our normal day.

NCIDQ ##32793 

Scott Butler

New Team

interior designer & lead stylist

Scott is an interior designer at The Pavilion Company. A true Texan at heart, Scott was raised in the “oasis” of Texas. In 2016, he and his husband, Jeff, moved from Austin to the Seattle area. He joined The Pavilion Company in 2018 after founders, Nathaniel and Gabrielle, noticed his strong eye for residential design and appreciation of art and presentation. His previous experience includes working as a buyer and PR representative for a hospitality organization as well as a design assistant for a local restaurateur.  

As a designer and stylist, Scott prides himself on being able to blend the clients’ personality and life with a playful twist to their space. He loves the entire process, from the initial presentation of materials and design to his clients’ reactions after unveiling the finished product. Scott loves getting to know what makes people comfortable and happy in their homes, which motivates him to constantly be discovering and creating.

Lindsay Koontz

New Team

creative director

Lindsay is the creative director at The Pavilion Company. Her expertise is in branding, website design, and digital marketing. As a client, almost everything you see—from your initial proposal to pretty packages—is designed by her. 

Originally from Sacramento, Lindsay moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2009. Since living in Seattle, she has done branding for a variety of companies including a prestigious financial firm and high-end cannabis shop. Though, we think what she has done for The Pavilion Company is the best of them all. 

Lindsay thrives on creative freedom and elevating the client experience. She lives for moody imagery, high contrast, and elegant fonts.

Lindsay and her husband Chad also own and operate the nationally renowned “Tipsy the Tiny House” on Airbnb.


Irina Reinhardt


executive administrator

Irina is The Pavilion Company’s Executive Administrator. She graduated from Western Washington University in June of 2020 with a degree in Communication Studies. Besides her time in college, she has lived in West Seattle (just down the street from our office) her entire life.

Every day is different in the office for Irina—sometimes you may find her invoicing, chatting with vendors, or ordering samples and project materials. We are most excited about her ability to assist in implementing new process to keep our team on track and efficient.

In her spare time, you can find Irina reading, painting, and writing.