Elegant bathtub in bathroom

What does it mean to “Indulge in Home”?

By Gabrielle James, The Pavilion Company

At The Pavilion Company, we use the word Indulge a lot when discussing how to make certain decisions when building a home or remodeling. What do we mean by this? We are not talking about money or indulging by spending a lot on something. What we are talking about is doing something for yourself…for your home and not worrying about making a decision for someone else in mind. It’s not uncommon to think of ROI when spending a lot of cash on a home project: “Will I get my money back for this particular tile selection?”… “When we sell the house, will they like this countertop?” … “If my parents come to visit, will they question why I chose to have a super tricked-out shower instead of a bathtub?” The good news is, we are professionals, and we won’t let you make “bad” practical decisions. When it comes to things like your window package, your high-efficiency mechanical equipment, your selection of durable materials, we will guide you to select the best possible option for your home and budget.

We challenge our clients to balance practical decisions with a few indulgences. We think that if something can change your day, even with the smallest positive measurement, it’s worth considering for your home. The indulgences don’t have to be expensive (sometimes they are), but here are some examples of home details that bring a special quality to a project that is specific to the client and family.

Elegant bathtub in bathroom
View from steam shower at “The Heritage” project.

My favorite single indulgence in a home is a steam shower. It elevates a bathroom to something that typically a person only gets to experience at a high-end spa. There’s a special delight about having something that’s typically only experienced on vacation, but at home. At around $5-8k, it’s certainly not inexpensive, but may be some of the best daily indulgence money that can be spent in a main bathroom.

Indulge in Home with the Dockside
View of custom artwork created for “The Dockside” project, by local artist Stefano Altamura to emulate ropes and textures of the home’s waterfront location and client’s passion for water activities.

Another indulgence could be selecting something hand-made. There is something special about knowing that another person used their creative talents to create something one-of-a-kind for your home. Something that you wouldn’t see unless you were only at your home. We would be happy to work with an artist to create something unique that shows off your personality or is meaningful to your family in some way.

Indulge in Home with the Blaine
View of custom dutch door “kiddo’s hidey hole” with porch created for “The Blaine” project.

Invoking a way to promote happy memories is another way we love to indulge in projects. What about a “Harry Potter under-the-stairs” nook for the kiddos to accept their own secret mail and read their favorite books? What about a button in the kitchen that turns a little light on in the bedroom when the coffee is ready? What about a hidden door that opens to the pantry or wine cellar? None of these things are necessary, but if they provide a tiny giggle or a small reminder that “life is short”, we say do it. We will help you to figure out the best way to incorporate some indulgences into your home. And since we are pros telling you it’s ok, you can’t feel guilty about it! Let us help you Indulge in Home.


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