I don’t know about you, but I like butter on my bread, but not on my kitchen walls! A big goal of this project was to eradicate the golden, buttery […]
Pavilion Company: The Steelux interior rendering
I recently sent a proposal for a new home design to a new client: Their reply to me was, “Wow. It is a little scary to see how much goes […]
Pavilion Company: London travels
Not all things can be solved with a pair of sunglasses. That will always be true. However, I can list 2 things that CAN be solved with the RIGHT pair […]
Pavilion Company: The Steelux interior rendering
Ever wonder how we name projects? Each design & construction project is given a unique name to identify it to our team, clients and vendors. Plus, it’s just fun! Each […]
Elegant bathtub in bathroom
At The Pavilion Company, we use the word Indulge a lot when discussing how to make certain decisions when building a home or remodeling. What do we mean by this? […]