An inspired day...

A photo from yesterday’s Gather Seattle event. Photo: Alexandra Collins

A photo from yesterday’s Gather Seattle event. Photo: Alexandra Collins

Is it obvious yet by the lack of actual posts that Nate and I are not trying to be bloggers? I promise it is not a shortage of passion that has prevented us from sharing what is going on with our lives: both business and personally. Yesterday, Nate and I attended a local community event called “A Day to Gather” by Gather Seattle. Not only was it an inspiring day of meeting other creatives in the Seattle area, but just seeing so many talented and accessible visionary-type people in one room reminded me of the BIG goals that Nate and I have for the upcoming year.

As small business owners, Nate and I have aspirations that are much larger than we can possibly accomplish with just the 2 of us. The event yesterday was a good reminder of the amount of support I truly think we will have in our upcoming endeavors. Our conversations often go late into the night as we dream up how our company will continue to grow and how best to incorporate other people into our big picture. The truth is that I am so excited about our ideas that it’s hard not to share them all in a huge gushing word vomit. We have a lot up our sleeve, but we need to simmer on them just a bit longer. Some things will happen quickly and you’ll start seeing more progress updates here or on Instagram. However, some of our ideas are so big, they will span the next several years to come, require 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of dollars, and require hundreds of people to come together.

The only thing even ready to share are these vague notes. So please hang in there and hold us accountable to share more as we make up the steps along this crazy journey.

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