Restoring a House vs. Flipping a House

When we tell people what we do for a living, the easiest thing people seem understand these days is "oh okay. so you are house flippers". While it is true, we do try to turn properties quickly to minimize holding costs and get onto the next project, we DO NOT consider ourselves house flippers... at least not the version of "flipping" represented by cheap construction or quick fixes that show well in staged real estate photos or at first glance during a crowded open house. We prefer to use the term restoration rather than flipping. 

When we choose a home to restore, we are not only choosing a home that we believe will add value to the neighborhood, we are also making a decision to impact another person or family's life. It's no secret that a person's home is usually the largest investment they make in their lives. We do not take that fact lightly. It is far beyond numbers and profit for us. The greatest reward for us is seeing the transformation of a dilapidated property into a desirable home for someone else. 

Restoring homes is an art and passion for us. It's stressful, risky and physically taxing. But every day, we wake up knowing that another home will be better because of what we put into it. The fact that someone wants to then PAY us money for our art and passion... that is the icing on the cake that allows us to go do it again! 

Here are some things that we strive to do that are different than the average "flipper": 

  • Ensure ALL infrastructure and systems are up to code and working properly. That includes replacing dated electrical, inefficient furnaces, old water heaters, cracked windows, etc. 
  • Choose materials that aren't too trendy. We don't want to pick finishes that the home buyer may be wooed by at the Open House but then tire of them after a few years and feel they need to rip it out again. 
  • Add custom touches and craftsmanship throughout the home. We love details that you can tell didn't just come right off a shelf. Extra thought to mill work, trims, hand-made pieces do end up costing us more to build sometimes, but it's a fair trade-off knowing that the end result will give identity and character to a home. 
  • Be transparent about what we know about the home. Custom homeowner guide books are delivered with every project. From the tradespeople that worked on the project to the paint colors used, we want the buyer to have access to everything they need to maintain the home to a high standard. 
  • We only do projects that when they are done, we would live in ourselves. The running joke at our house right now... "Dang! These projects are nicer than where we live!" We are so proud of the work we do, and we hope our buyers will be just as proud to own them.